This is how you can “win” at winter in London
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13 Oct This is how you can “win” at winter in London

Few people look forward to winter in London. If we had mountains in Kensington and Chelsea, well, a lot of us might feel differently! Skiing anyone? But the winter months in this part of the world can be difficult to cope with. This article offers four great tips on how to improve your health and wellbeing this winter.

This is how you can

Many of us might describe ourselves as “depressed at the thought of winter”. According to an article in the Independent newspaper, around 1 in 3 adults in the UK experience symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of depression and anyone who thinks they may be suffering from it should speak to their doctor. In fact, some of the advice given here is also found on the NHS webpage for dealing with SAD and, anyway, they are recommendations that could benefit us all!

Soak up the light

A major factor behind our unhappiness in winter months is the lack of light our bodies are exposed to. So it’s important that you bear this in mind and take every opportunity to bask in the winter light. This may mean a half an hour walk in your lunch break (let’s face it, it will be dark immediately before and after work – urgh!) and, as little as that sounds, it can make a huge difference to your health.

Fake it

Light therapy boxes can imitate sunlight inside your home. The light from light therapy boxes is much brighter than a standard light bulb and emits the light in a mixture of wavelengths. Research has shown that light therapy is most effective in the morning and once again, sitting in front of a box for as little as half an hour a day can be very beneficial. There are even boxes known as “dawn simulators” that will help you wake up in the morning!


Why does every self-help guide recommend exercise as a treatment? Well, because your body releases hormones that make you feel great and you also feel stronger and healthier. In fact, the reason a lot of people feel down during the winter season is because of the weight they have gained over Christmas. So shedding a few pounds will not only boost your health but your mood and confidence too. And remember, exercise outside, maximise your sun intake!

Get outta here

Not everyone will be able to escape to the sun this winter; those who can will have minds and bodies that will love them until spring! Going away when the nights are long and the days cold makes a lot of sense. So much so, perhaps next year you will delay your summer holiday until January?

Winter is coming. If you are feeling down then be sure to drop by the Vita Hair & Beauty salon in Earls Court. Whatever the time of year, people leave us feeling sensational!



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