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24 Apr The Smartwatch Could Revolutionize The Way We Manage Our Busy Lifestyles

Creating synergy between technology and customisation, the smartwatch could revolutionize the way that we manage our busy lifestyles. Scheduled to go on sale Today (April 24), here is everything you need to know about the Apple Watch and how it could help manage your busy lifestyle.

The Smartwatch Could Revolutionize The Way We Manage Our Busy Lifestyles | Vita Beauty

Described as the ‘most personal product’ yet, the smartwatch will enable you to conveniently organise everything from your wrist. With digital touch communications, along with advanced health tracking, the smartwatch could save you time and heartache when organising your schedule.

Digital Touch Communication

Communication will become more interactive with the smartwatch digital touch feature that allows you to send messages by sketching an illustration, creating a sequence of taps that they can feel, or sending a vibration timed to your heartbeat.

With Siri-Apple’s intelligent personal assistant- at your wrist-, you will be able to create text messages almost instantly using the pre-written generic responses. Rumour has it that Siri’s listening skills have improved markedly compared to what they were on the latest iPhone so this will help with organizing your communication efficiently.

So if you’re in a rush, why not send your friend a salsa-dancing emoji or an ‘okay’ hand gesture using the digital touch feature?

Health & Activity Tracking

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the smartwatch fitness tracking features can help you fulfill your fitness goals.

The three-ring circle structure on the Apple Watch measures how much exercise you’ve done, the number of calories you’ve burned and how much time you’ve spent standing throughout the day. A ‘force touch’ on the smartwatch can begin or stop a workout, which can be catered for cross training, running, cycling and a range of other cardio activities.

The smartwatch will provide you with real-time stats for a range of workout routines. Over time, the Watch will learn your fitness levels and uses this information to improve the accuracy of your progress.

Control Functions

The smartwatch could serve as a central control hub for your devices. Skip through your playlist on your iTunes library, sift through your photo slideshow on your Apple TV, or enable the Do Not Disturb function if you need a sleep in on a Sunday morning.

With digital touch communication, fitness tracking and advanced control functions, the smartwatch could potentially make life easier for those of us who are on the go.

Source: Apple UK