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13 Oct The reason you need to join London’s runners (wearing lycra optional)

Running is good for your health (I’m sure you knew that). And London has some amazing places to jog or walk, if you like, and enjoy its stunning historical sights. A fantastic way to drink in the city AND look after your health is to go jogging – at your own pace – around the beautiful city of London. We’re celebrating some great reasons to get out the house and go for a run!

The reason you need to join London’s runners

We are spoiled for runs from our salon here on the Old Brompton Road, Kensington and Chelsea. There is Hyde Park just to the north of us and Battersea Park on the south bank the Thames. Okay, so London may be an urban metropolis yet there are many fantastic parks to find yourself panting through! If you aren’t particularly fit (and don’t need to be running 10-20 miles) there are small parks, canals and other spaces to enjoy a jog near all of us. Try to get out and make use of them two or three times a week. Run, jog or walk if you want to. Nobody’s watching!

Perhaps the best reason of all to go for a jog is that your body would really love you for it. Like more than ever before. Exercising for just twenty minutes at 70% of your maximum heart rate, three times a week is a good start for anyone. For most people that’s a short, 30-min jog. That’s really not too taxing, in fact, it’s a walk in the park… except… jogging.

Running is a fat burner and releases feel-good endorphins. There is plenty to get out of it; including being a great stress reliever. There are many overworked, tired people in London who would benefit from running. Walking along the Thames at lunch time and you see that thousands of people know it already. It’s hard to understand why but running actually gives you energy. It invigorates the mind and body. You will not just feel great but look great too.

But now you need somewhere to run? You could find a recommended running routes in London here. Why not choose one near to you, a distance that suits your level and run yourself fit and healthy!




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