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Soprano Summer Reductions

We are currently offering Summer reductions on specified Soprano laser hair removal services. Soprano laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive areas, offering a convenient and pain-free method of hair removal. Book 5 treatments and receive your 6th treatment free.
Want to know more about Soprano Laser Hair Removal?


1. How to Enter
1.1 Simply make an appointment at Vita Hair & Beauty and request your initial consultation to discuss the terms of this service.
1.2 During this initial consultation, your beauty therapist will assess your needs, and if this service is suitable for you, you will be to book your next appointments.
1.3 By participating in this offer, you agree to the terms & conditions and give Vita Hair & Beauty permission to contact you via telephone or email, if required to discuss your receipt of this service.
1.4 The Soprano Summer Reductions promotion will be an ongoing offer provided by Vita Hair & Beauty, until further notice is given.


2. Who Can Enter

2.1 UK residents only.
2.2 Only individuals aged 18+ are eligible to receive this service.
2.3 Acceptance of the promotion for this service is free.


3. Timing of the Offer

3.1 Given that you have met the above entry criteria, you will be eligible to attend an appointment at Vita Hair & Beauty (located at 271 Old Brompton Road, London, SW5 9JA, England), to receive this special offer at the agreed upon time, as discussed between you and Vita Hair & Beauty.


4. Customer Privacy

4.1 By participating in the promotion, and accepting the terms & conditions, you give Vita Hair & Beauty permission to contact you via email or telephone to discuss the terms of the service, if required.


5. Prize

5.1 Given that you have met all of the criteria and successfully booked an appointment, and received consent from your beauty therapist, you will be eligible to receive discounts in certain hair removal services.
5.2 The discounted price will vary, depending on the body area that is selected for the treatment.
5.3 Additionally, if you book 5 treatments, you will receive your 6th treatment free.
5.4 This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer at Vita Hair & Beauty.


6. Additional Information

6.1 By participating in this promotion, you agree that no claims shall be asserted against Vita Hair & Beauty, affiliates, directors, offers, employers, damages, rights, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever that result from your acceptance of this offer to the full extent permissible in law.
6.2 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to withdraw, or revoke, the service at any time if circumstances make this required.
6.3 Participation in this service assumes the acceptance of these terms & conditions.
6.4 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to modify the content of these terms & conditions with retroactive effect should modification be required to ensure the good execution of the service.
6.5 All participants who are suspicious of unlawful contact will be immediately disqualified from receiving the service.
6.6 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to request photo proof of identity, age and address in the form of your passport, 18-plus government card or drivers license, and proof of your address to confirm your age and UK residency.