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Recommend a Friend

At Vita Hair & Beauty, the rewards of friendship are greater than ever! Reward Your Friends. Reward Yourself.


Simply recommend Vita to a friend, and you can both receive a 30% discount to spend on our beauty treatments (minimum £29.00). It’s our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the love about Vita Hair & Beauty.

How it Works.

  1. Simply fill out our “Recommend a Friend” form, in our salon.
  2. We will then contact your friend via telephone or email.
  3. You both must accept the offer.
  4. Next time in salon, you will each receive your 30% discount.
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy your reward!

“Recommend a Friend” is a marketing campaign presented by Vita Hair & Beauty, operating in London, the United Kingdom.


1. How to Enter
1.1 Complete the “Recommend a Friend” form presented to you in our salon.
1.2 Vita Hair & Beauty will then contact your friend, via telephone or/and email, and present them with the offer.
1.3 Given that your referred friend accepts the terms of this promotion, they will receive 30% discount in their first Vita Hair & Beauty visit.
1.4 Once your friend has received their treatment, you will also be eligible to receive your 30% discount.
1.5 By participating in this promotion and completing the “Recommend a Friend” form, you agree to the terms & conditions and thereby accept the offer.
1.6 This is an ongoing promotion.


2. Who Can Enter
2.1 The promotion is open to UK citizens and residents only.
2.2 Only individuals aged 18+ only can enter this promotion.
2.3 Only current or existing Vita Hair & Beauty customers that have received treatment in the past 6 months are eligible to refer a friend (this must be proven by client transaction history).
2.4 Acceptance of the offer is free.


3. Timing of the Offer
3.1 Given that you have met the above entry criteria, you and your friend, will be eligible to claim a 30% discount in your next visit, within 1 month (i.e. 30 working days) of accepting the offer.


4. Customer Privacy
4.1 By participating in the promotion, and accepting the terms & conditions, you give us permission to contact you, and your friend, via email or telephone to discuss the terms of the promotion.


5. Prize
5.1 Given that you have met all of the criteria and successfully referred a friend to Vita Hair & Beauty, both you and your friend will be eligible to a 30% discount.
5.2 Customers can use the 30% discount for any Vita Hair & Beauty service that are £29.00, or greater in value.
5.3 You will be able to receive an ad-hoc 30% discount from one selected Vita Hair & Beauty service.
5.4 In the event that the referred friend does not respond to the email, or accept the offer of this promotion, the existing customer will not be entitled to receive their 30% discount at Vita Hair & Beauty. But don’t worry, you can recommend another friend. Just email us at
5.5 The referred friend must receive their Vita Hair & Beauty treatment first, before the existing customer is entitled to receive their 30% discount.
5.6 This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
5.7 This offer can only be used in store, and therefore it cannot be used for any online purchases or offers.
5.8 There is no limit regarding the number of friends the existing customer can recommend for this campaign.
5.9 Both the existing customer and the referred friend can receive their treatments simultaneously, if this is preferable for Vita Hair & Beauty and both the clients.
5.10 This offer can only be used against beauty services and not retail products.


6. Additional Information
6.1 By participating in this promotion, you agree that no claims shall be asserted against Vita Hair & Beauty, affiliates, directors, offers, employers, damages, rights, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever that result from your acceptance of this offer to the full extent permissible in law.
6.2 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to withdraw or revoke the offer at any time if circumstances make this required.
6.3 Participation in this campaign assumes the acceptance of these terms & conditions.
6.4 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to modify, edit, or change the content of these terms & conditions with retroactive effect should modification be required to ensure the good execution of the competition.
6.5 All participants who are suspicious of unlawful contact will be immediately disqualified from the promotion.
6.6 Vita Hair & Beauty reserves the right to request photo proof of identity, age and address in the form of your passport, 18-plus government card or drivers license, and proof of your address to confirm your age and UK residency.