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31 Mar Six Ways to Improve Your Health & Embrace This Spring

As the seasons change, so should we. That’s why you should Spring into action this season by taking care of your health, wellness and beauty regime.

At Vita Beauty, we’ve put together some advice about how you can make the most of London this season. As the clock moves forward, we receive more daylight hours so it’s an ideal time to cleanse your body, improve your health and pursue a balanced lifestyle.

Vita Beauty | Six Ways to Improve Your Health & Embrace This Spring

1. Soothe Your Soul With Fresh Air

The majority of us spend at least eight hours each day cooped up inside an office sitting down. This is incredibly harmful to our health and that’s why many UK organizations have introduced ‘standing up desks’ or ‘ergonomic stations’ so employees can burn more calories during work, and also increase muscle circulation.

If you are unable to access a ‘standing up’ desk, then use your time well and get some fresh air during your lunch break, or in the evenings. Many parks now offer an abundance of feel-good activities designed to improve your health, such as outdoor gyms that have cross trainers and stretch stations. North End Village, located in Earl’s Court, offers garden squares with exercise and sporting facilities.

Exposing ourselves to fresh air allows our brain to engage in the involuntary attention process, where we can ‘switch off.’ According to life coach, McComick (2015), this process is highly therapeutic and meditative as it allows us to decompress and can significantly improve our mental health.

So why not clear your mind and get some fresh air? You’ll be more productive for it!


2. Get Snap-Happy

Photographers anticipate the last hour before dusk in Spring due to the soft, photogenic light that emits through the city at this time of the year. It’s a great excuse to get outside, experience a panoramic view or appreciate a beautiful sunset over London.


3. Avoid Toxic Beauty Products

Many beauty and personal care products are packed with toxins that can harm your health. Choose products with simple ingredient lists that contain few synthetic chemicals. You should be way of the word ‘fragrance’ on labels, as this indicates that the product consists of several complex toxins.

As the beauty industry is largely unregulated, you should conduct some research to find the safest products for you. There are no legal requirements for personal care products that are labelled as ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ so look beyond these marketing tactics and do not assume that they are beneficial for your health.

Benzophenone is a chemical used in products such as lip balm and nail polish that has been recently linked to cancer. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are contaminants found in products such as lipstick, toothpaste and eyeliner that are also seen to contribute to serious health-related issues.

To find the right products for you, you can use an app called ‘Think Dirty’ which determines and ranks products based on specific safety criteria.


4. Get Physical

Put a spring in your step and get into a routine of daily exercise, even if its just 30 minutes a day.

Aerobic activity such as cycling is not only good for your heart health, but it will also enable you to save on transport expenses. More than a third of the British population cycle, but if you don’t already have a bike, you can access one through the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme.

For navigating on the go, why not download the Complete National Network app for Android and iPhone?

Go to a Yoga or Pilates class to strengthen your core and improve your overall health. Sweating during exercise is an effective method of detoxing to flush out harmful toxins. Some spas, such as Earl’s Court Health and Wellbeing Centre have affordable prices that enable you to enjoy fitness and wellness activities.


5. Substitute Animal Products For Plant Based Alternatives

Meat and dairy products are highly acidic and consuming these foods can be damaging to your health by leaving your immune system vulnerable to contracting disease. Try to consume these foods sparingly and choose plant-based foods such as lentils or chia seeds that are both delicious and healthy.


6. Drink Your Veggies

Fresh organic vegetable juice will add nutrients to your diet and act as a cleanser for your body. Opt for leafy greens and try to get into a habit of not adding sugar to your health juices. If you have a sweet tooth and crave something less bitter, try adding an apple or some stevia.

Steer clear of bottled or packaged juices as these are often packed with preservatives and they are also pasteurized which kills the majority of the nutrients and minerals that your body needs.

Spring in London is a beautiful and blossoming time of year, so be sure to fully embrace the season by improving your health and wellbeing.

* Photo by DTTSP.