Ready for the slopes? Skin care tips for skiers and boarders!
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07 Mar Ready for the slopes? Skin care tips for skiers and boarders!

A ski or snowboarding holiday is the highlight of winter for thousands of Londoners – but their poor skin is far less enthusiastic! With the huge potential for skin damage on the cold, exposed mountain slopes: good skin care is essential. In this article, we look at the best ways to protect and nourish skin whilst carving up those slopes…

The risks – why do you need effective skin care?

The cold weather we experience on mountains brings with it a drop in humidity levels, as well as snow. The effect of this is that moisture moves out of our skin and into the air, hence, why we suffer from dry skin in the winter. This can cause our skin to flake, crack and chap. Such conditions may cause eczema and, potentially, cracks in the skin can become infected too.

Ready for the slopes - Skin care tips for skiers and boarders

 But not with good skin care! Here’s what you should do:

 1. Wear a snood

You know that uplifting feeling you get as you descend the mountain, picking up speed, wind blowing in your face? Well that wind is drying out your skin… and fast! A snood can be lifted to cover your mouth, cheeks and nose and form an effective protective barrier for your skin. Leaving you free to concentrate on not falling over!

2. Avoid soap and hot showers

Hmmmm… this may worry some of you, but it’s good advice! This skin care tip is aimed at protecting your skin’s natural oily barrier that helps you to retain your skin’s moisture. Many types of soap and steamy hot showers will remove this protective layer – not good news for your skin’s health. However, you’ll be pleased to know that mild soaps – not a scrub – and warm showers are absolutely fine. So there is no need to stink out the chalet after an active day’s skiing!

3. Pocket sized moisturizer

The ease with which your skin dries out on the slopes means that, for true skin care, you need to have a moisturizer handy at all times. Rubbing a lotion into your wet skin after a (warm, not hot!) shower is great, but the skin care gold medal will go to those with a handy tube of moisturizer that can be applied half way up a ski lift!

4. Sun protection

Experienced skiers and snowboarders will know just how easy it is to burn on the slopes. Weirdly, we tend not to associate winter with sun burn, however, you should never forget to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. We shared some superb tips last summer about skin care protection from the sun, have a read of it here.

So if you are off skiing this winter, share this article with your whole group! These simple skin care tips will keep skin in tip-top health and oh-so-beautiful.

Have fun!




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