London’s Hard Water vs Your Hair: How to win this battle!
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05 Jun London’s Hard Water vs Your Hair: How to win this hair care battle!

London is a great city. With so much to see and do, there is never a dull moment. Unfortunately however, for residents of London, it’s all too easy for our hair to look dull. Unless, that is, you have a hair care plan that can deal with the region’s hard water!

Londons Hard Water

As hair care experts, we at Vita Hair in Kensington and Chelsea have some advice to share with Londoners looking to combat the rough, lifeless effect that London’s hard water has on our hair:

What exactly is “hard water”?

Know your enemy! Hard water is the name given to water that has a high mineral content. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are commonly found in high concentrations in hard water compared to soft water areas. Hard water is not harmful to your health, but can certainly be damaging to your hair’s beauty! After many washes, hard water can leave a scaly film on hair and causes it to become tangled, dry and a dull, strange colour. Not good.

Three simple solutions…

  1. Filter jug

Another problem with hard water is that it doesn’t taste particularly pleasant. As a result, in fridges across London you’ll find filter jugs that remove some of the mineral content of London’s tap water – improving its taste. These same jugs can be used for your hair! You will need around a litre of water to use for a final rinse. Your hair will shine again in no time!

  1. Shower filter

Don’t fancy filling up a filter jug in advance of every shower? Then you should look at buying a shower filter attachment online or in a home store. They are designed to reduce lime scale as well as remove other minerals and chemicals from hard water. This is a permanent hair care solution.

  1. Use a leave-in conditioner

Applying a natural, leave-in conditioner such as almond oil or coconut oil will ensure your hair looks glossy, remains untangled and remains fabulously healthy. However, remember: less is more. You just need to apply a few drops of oil to the lower half of your hair. Use too much, and your hair will look greasy.

So take care of your hair and be sure to share these tips with friends and family!

We’d love to see you at Kensington and Chelsea’s Vita Hair and Beauty Salon (near Earls Court tube station). We have the products and know-how to make sure your hair looks gorgeous – even in a hard water city like London!



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