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13 May Liquid Lipsticks; The Best of the Beauty Trend

You’ve probably heard about them by now, if you don’t already own far too many (like us). This year liquid lipsticks have swept the beauty world by storm. Who can resist the appeal of a long-lasting, vibrant lipstick that slicks on as easily as a gloss but without the stickiness or constant reapplying? They’re easy, convenient, and above all they look FIERCE. We review and recommend some of the best products on the market so you know just which ones to nab while you can!

 Liquid Lipsticks

On A Budget:
Let’s start cheap – because nothing makes us smile more than high street dupes of high end products. NYX Cosmetics have finally come to the UK, lighting up the Selfridges make up counters and making an appearance on Boots online. Quite often, cheaper liquid lipsticks can be incredibly drying. Due to the mattifying nature of these products, the drying process can occasionally lock moisture out of the lips and leave them cracked and sore, making the lipstick look claggy and crumbly – which is something we DEFINITELY don’t want. However, the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream is true to it’s name and has a very soft, creamy consistency, meaning the product doesn’t dry out your lips when it mattifies. It’s not as long-lasting as other brands out there (you’ll definitely need to reapply after meals) but for £5.50 and in a crazy amount of shades, it’s a beautiful bargain. Oh – and they’ve just released a bunch of new colours, yay!

Available at: £5.50
We Recommend: ‘Cannes’ and ‘Antwerp’


Everyday Beauty:
Gerard Cosmetics is a cult makeup brand that is slowly gaining more recognition in the UK. Their beautiful yet slightly muted tones are great for everyday looks – they have a mix of nude shades and slightly brighter statement colours too that don’t feel too loud or garish, and all have a perfect matte finish. Although slightly more expensive than NYX, Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are definitely going to stay on your lips. Staying power and moisturising is really what you’re paying for with these products – and Gerard definitely hits the nail on the head with these two key selling points. For £9.50 you do get an extremely high quality product, which keeps lips soft and beautiful – and best of all, you only need a small amount for one application so the tube will last absolutely ages. One thing to note is that they do dry VERY quickly – so better hurry!

Available at: £9.50
We recommend: ‘Serenity’ and ‘Iced Mocha’


Crazy Colour:
We know not everyone is a fan of pinks, reds or nudes – so if you’re a little more outgoing and fancy splashing some long-lasting blues, greens, or even glitter on your lips – then these two brands are the ones for you. Both cult brands and cruelty-free (which is a big plus), they offer an incredible range of brightly coloured statement shades with a lovely velvety finish that is guaranteed to turn heads. At around £14 Lime Crime Velvetines may be slightly expensive for what you get – although the pigment is strong and the product will stay on your lips even through meals – it can make lips very dry after a few hours of wearing and the colour can start to flake off. For the same price you may be better off grabbing a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick which has all the pigment and stand out power of Lime Crime, but at a higher quality and even more velvety, delicate finish.

Available at: Lime Crime – £13.95, Jeffree Star – Cocktail Cosmetics £14
We recommend: Lime Crime – ‘Rave’ and ‘Pumpkin’. Jeffree Star – ‘Blue Velvet’


Ultimate Staying Power:
Dose of Colors (yet another cult brand!) are well known for their super long-lasting liquid lipsticks for £14.50. They sell out quickly though, so you’ll have to be fast – Dose provides a soft, matte finish which is still long-lasting; even through greasier foods and hot drinks. The colours are bright and vibrant so they’re not for everyone, but they do a great range that can suit all types of looks. Similarly, LA Splash (£11.25) offer a long-lasting waterproof liquid matte lipstick. Although most matte liquid lipsticks don’t tend to come off without an oil-based cleanser anyway, it’d be a great option for holidays so you don’t have to keep reapplying and overlayering. LA Splash specialise in darker colours so they’re perfect for deeper skin tones and Autumnal colour groups.

Available at: Dose of Colors – £14.50, LA Splash – £9.95
We recommend: Dose of Colors – ‘Berry Me 2’, LA Splash – ‘Malevolent’ and ‘Hidden Desires’


Splash Out:
These products may be a little pricier; but trust us, you get what you pay for. Let’s start with theBalm – an ever-charming product (infact, ‘Charming’ is even the name of a shade) and it delivers a soft, glossy lipstick that is available in a range of shades with a delicate, velour finish. Although the colours may be fairly common to other brands, the pigment is insane and they do each one with their signature cheeky twist. Stila has very similar colours to theBalm, however the staying power is beyond belief. They truly live up to the ‘stay all day’ name, and for £16 it’s inexpensive for the quality you’re receiving. Their focus is predominantly on lighter colours, so would suit rosey, Spring time skin tones the best. Now if you really want to treat yourself you’ve of course got to give the Chanel Rouge Double Intensite a try. For £22 it’s really not too crazy for such a high end product. Packed full of volatile oils, the lipstick is quick drying, long-lasting and locks in moisture – and the best part is it comes with a sheer gloss coat so you can either wear the matte lipstick as it is, or slick a shiny coat on top for something a little different.

Available at: theBalm – £15, Stila – £16, Chanel – exclusively at the Covent Garden store £22.
We recommend: theBalm – ‘Dedicated’, Stila – ‘Patina’, Chanel – ‘Sensual Rose’


The popularity of liquid lipsticks is growing at a crazy rate, so if you want to have your pick of colours you’d better hurry! Our shopping list is growing and growing…we do need some new shades for Summer after all. Although they may be more expensive than traditional lipsticks, a little tends to go a LONG way…so just think of it as an investment. We know we do!


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