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22 Aug Life in London is busy: manage your time better

London is a city that is constantly on the move. It’s the reason most Londoners like to call this great city home. But do you often feel like there is not enough time in the day? You are not alone. Do not stress! You needn’t feel time-poor: we have found some great ideas which will allow you to organise your day better and free up some valuable time.

Life in London

1. Stop procrastinating!

So many jobs take us longer than they should. Whether we’re in the office or the home, we spend far too long thinking about doing the work rather than actually doing it! Or wilfully finding distractions from starting it. This is most often the case with the bigger jobs. You don’t procrastinate over a five minute job do you? No – you get it done. So set out to spend a short amount of time on a large job too, set your expectations low. Not only will you get started immediately, but you’ll probably end up getting “in the flow” and completing the ghastly thing!

2. Lists

You don’t necessarily need to invest in a clip board and bark orders at your boyfriend/flatmate/family about the work that needs to be done. You could try this, but it probably wouldn’t do your relationships with your boyfriend/flatmate/family any good! Lists are great because they mean things don’t get rushed at the last minute. Instead, they allow you to see the big picture. They allow you to prioritise. Essentially, lists save time.

3. Two jobs at once

This sounds like we are encouraging you to make your life more stressful and the jobs even harder, right? We’re not, we promise. Consider these examples: putting your laundry in the washing machine before you shower and have breakfast or never walking round your home empty handed, there is always something that needs to be put back in its place.

4. Cook in big batches.

People who lead busy lives commonly rely on take-away or microwave meals. It’s the easy option. But you should not sacrifice your own health in order to save time. Instead, try cooking your food in big batches and freeze the extras to be eaten at a later date. Soups, chilli, beans there are so many delicious and healthy meals that can be prepared, frozen and reheated when you need them.

Life shouldn’t be overwhelmingly busy. Try following some of the tips mentioned in this article and gain control of your day. If you know someone who is always late or complaining that they have too much to do – be a good Samaritan and share this with them!



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