Is your baby stealing your beauty sleep? Follow these tips!
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30 Jul Is your baby stealing your beauty sleep? Follow these tips!

In a recent post on the Vita Beauty blog, ‘Transform your bedroom: sleep your way to good health’, we discussed changes you can make at home to get a good night’s sleep. However, for thousands of people living in London, there is a nightly battle to sleep: a battle that depends entirely on a gorgeous little baby sleeping… and staying asleep! This post is, therefore, specifically aimed at helping parents get their daily dose of forty-winks…

Is your baby stealing

First of all, we need to remember that all babies are different. What works for one child is not guaranteed to help another. This is why there are so many conflicting pieces of advice when it comes to the best way of encouraging your child to sleep through the night. For this reason, we suggest you trial several of the methods listed below. See what works for you and your child and stick with it:

1. Crying to sleep

This sounds cruel and it is not easy for parents to do. The sound of your child crying is impossible to ignore, so you’ll need to be strong and resist your instinct to rush to her. You should wait until your child is four or five months old before using this approach.

It involves waiting for 5 minutes when she starts crying, before you check on her. Hopefully she will settle herself or “self-sooth” – a valuable skills for her to learn. If, however, she continues to cry then enter the bedroom and reassuringly pat her, say everything is fine but it is time for sleep. Wait a further five minutes away from her before returning if she is still upset. Repeat this process until several short, no-fuss visits have been made. If after make several visits she is still distressed, it is time to pick her up and check whether she’s hungry or in need of a nappy change.

2. Lively day, quiet night feeds

Lively, social day time feeds should be followed by calm and quiet night feeds. This is a method to teach your baby the difference between night and day. It’ll allow him to set his own body clock. The earlier that difference is known, the better night’s sleep everyone will have!

3. Silent night

When checking on your baby in the middle of the night – do not talk to him. All your actions at night should be promoting peace and quiet. Chatting to your baby will give the opposite impression – Mum’s back, play time!

4. Familiar friend

Whether it is a blanket or a cuddly toy, a familiar object can help to calm a baby. Ideally it should smell of the mother too, there is no more reassuring scent than Eau de Mummy!

5. Bedtime routine

Babies love routine. They feel so much more secure if their day unfolds as they expect it to. A bedtime routine could mean anything, provided it is consistent. A classic routine is: bath, bottle, bed. It might include a story or a massage and should not last longer than 45 minutes. But whatever you choose to do, repeat it every night! Soon enough your baby will learn, “oh, this is the time where I go to sleep!”

Getting a good night’s sleep can make the world of difference to a Mum and Dad – parenthood is not easy! Try these tips to sleep through the night. And if you know any tired Mums and Dads, please share this with them!



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