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04 Apr How to relax on the busy London commute…

Following our recent blog on the damage a stressful commute through London does to our health: we felt we needed to do something. So much of the harm done relates to stress and the hormones that it causes our bodies to release.

How to relax on the busy London commute

We can’t promise to make people friendlier on the 7am tube, but we can give you some top ideas to will help you relax:

1. Chamomile tea

London’s early mornings are nowadays full of people (often with a smug look on their face) drinking from a hot flask of coffee. Well why not out-do them with a relaxing flask of chamomile tea?! Drinking a coffee will raise your heart rate and the London commute is rushed enough as it is, so enjoy a chamomile tea instead.

2. Listen to a podcast

Learn something interesting, laugh, and be transported away from the crowded sweaty carriage you’re sat on. Whether you follow a series or download a one-off Ted Talk, downloading your “commutertainment” is a sure fire way to relax on your way to work.

3. Work on a to-do list

If you know your to-do-list is full of horrible, scary meetings and over-due work – re-consider whether this will relax you! However, there is no doubt that to-do-lists are beneficial for most people’s productivity levels. And sometimes, writing all your tasks down can mean you realise how manageable you’re day ahead actually is. Doing something so helpful and that requires you to concentrate on things other than the tired and grumpy passengers around you, is a great way to pass some time.

4. Read a book

We’ve all seen people happily zoned out, in their own imaginary world of literature on London’s tube. Are you one of them? If not, why not? Finding a story that captivates you is surely one of the best ways to spend your time commuting. And remember, books aren’t reliant on mobile network coverage!

Stress is unhealthy. Commuting in London is stressful. So look after yourself and try out these tips to help you relax.




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