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25 Jan Healthy comfort food: nothing can beat a warming soup!

For us, one of the highlights of winter is savouring a healthy, warm bowl of our favourite soup as the rain (or even better snow) falls outside our window. Feeling all smug on the sofa as the world outside does battle with the elements; nothing else can create such a cosy feeling. And better still – the ingredients in the soups outlined below will keep your body fighting fit against all the germs and viruses that you’ll inevitably be exposed to this winter.

Healthy comfort food

If you didn’t love soup already, you will after reading this!

The first point to make is that making soup is easy. It is a great example of “one pot cooking” and if you can: (a) chop vegetables with a sharp knife and; (b) press the button of an electrical blender – you’re good to go! Plus, since you’ll be blending the vegetables anyway, you don’t even need to chop them into equal sizes. See? Easy.

Health benefits
Soup has the nickname “Grandma’s penicillin” for good reason. The tasty hot liquid will both keep your body hydrated and loosen any congestion you may be suffering from. The fact that soup ingredients are nearly always packed with important vitamins and minerals, make it a champion of healthy foods. And recipes suggesting fatty creams can always be adjusted and replaced with low fat crème fraiche or fat free sour cream – same great flavour, yet healthier!

Freeze the soup, so you don’t have to
Comfort food should also be hassle-free to make. And what could be easier than making a big batch of soup to be frozen and reheated whenever you need to warm yourself up!
These three soups are the pick of the bunch for their nutritious contents and fantastic flavours:

Soup with a kick
Do you feel like you need a healthy pick-up? Something that will snap you into action? Then try this great black bean soup with lime juice and jalapeno.

Soup to cleanse
This butternut squash and apple soup not only tastes amazing but is packed full of anti-oxidants. The squash family of vegetables is also high in omega-3 fatty acids which have a range of health benefits for your body, as we’ve highlighted before in a past blog.

Soup to soothe
Research has suggested that chicken soup can counter inflammation. So if you are suffering from flu symptoms, give your body a nutritious boost with this delicious chunky chicken noodle soup!

So now do you have a new appreciation for the humble soup? A couple of hour’s work one Sunday afternoon could have your freezer packed full of healthy, nutritious soups to see you through the winter!



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