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11 Apr Healthy avocado recipes to fill you with goodness

Have you seen the avocado recipe for chocolate pudding? We never thought we’d say those words, but we have a recipe for a delicious, healthy avocado chocolate pudding! The buttery fruit is packed full of vitamins and minerals, 20 to be exact, including vitamins A and C. It’s good for your skin care and – did we mention? – you can make healthy avocado chocolate pudding!

Healthy avocado recipes to fill you with goodness

Avocado Egg Boats
We’re starting with this one, because it’s simple and it has the best name! First you half the avocado, fill the hole with egg, bake and serve your healthy avocado treat to happy friends and family. A slice of toast and a coffee on the side and, ahhh, we have breakfast.

The dip becomes the dipper
Avocado has decided to change sides. Coated with garlic and paprika flavoured breadcrumbs, the avocado is baked for 20 minutes and served with your choice of dipping sauce. It will play the role of dipper just nicely.

Skin care smoothie
Avocado is well known for its skin care qualities. When combined with mango and pineapple, kale and spinach: we have a seriously healthy glass of avocado deliciousness! But be careful, your skin might glow a little too much after this.

Avocado chocolate pudding
The naturally creamy flavour of avocado makes it a great replacement for the calorie rich double cream. The texture of avocado also lends itself to making a delicious, velvety smooth chocolate pudding; throw in some cocoa powder and honey – now you’re seeing how this might work, aren’t you?

What makes an avocado healthy?
Avocado is packed full of nutrients from vitamin C and K to folate and potassium. There are also about 15g of healthy fats in a 100g serving of avocado and these have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. There are antioxidant carotenoids and a host of other nutrients such as vitamin E and oleic acid, all of which are great for the skin’s tone, thickness and general appearance.

So – why don’t you give one of these amazing healthy avocado recipes a try?



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