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16 Nov Health: Four reasons to introduce yoga into your life!

The origins of yoga date back thousands of years making it one of the oldest health exercises – for mind, body and soul – around today. Anything that has survived the fads and trends that have come and gone during that time is surely worth trying, right? Absolutely.

Health Four reasons

Here are four reasons you should start doing yoga:

Total workout

Anyone who thinks that yoga is simply a series of stretches designed to develop a more flexible body only knows a fraction of the truth. Doing yoga can build muscle strength too. Every muscle in your body is activated during a yoga routine and it’s particularly effective at building core body strength. After all, one of the original reasons for doing yoga was to build muscle strength in order to mediate for long periods of time. Breathing exercises can also increase your lung capacity. So, if you want to get fit, start yoga!

Mental health

The meaning of the word “yoga” means union. You connect with your body and understand it far better than you have ever done before. Each exercise forces you to focus on the present moment, and during meditation, to clear your mind. It is a great way to release stress and improve your mental wellbeing.

Too dirty for a bath

There is a great expression: “Saying you are too stiff for yoga, is like saying you are too dirty for a bath”. Yoga really is for everyone, no matter what your body’s shape, size or flexibility. Yoga positions can easily be adapted to suit the individual and, with practice, your body will become more toned and flexible. Don’t be intimidated by the image of people sitting with their legs behind their head!

Improve your posture.

How many people in London spend their days slouched over a desk? We don’t know the exact number… but it’s too many! Yoga is an effective way to develop a healthy posture. Many of the exercises require a straight back and, again, it’s about developing an awareness of your body and its position. You’ll soon notice how poorly you hold yourself and straighten up!

There are dozens of places where you can attend yoga classes around the Vita Hair and Beauty Salon in London’s Kensington and Chelsea. You can find classes for people of all experience levels – so why not give it a try?

Yoga your way to a beautiful, healthy body!




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