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18 Jan Health: Eat breakfast and burn more fat

A healthy breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day. It prepares you for action, giving you energy to burn. And yet, despite this, so many people in London and across the UK will admit to skipping breakfast all together. Lack of time? Lack of appetite? A coffee will do. Well, perhaps if people knew the weight loss powers of a good breakfast: more people would make the time for it.

Health Eat breakfast

So most of us ended 2015 with the customary gorging on food and drink. It was great; we ended the year in style. However, now we are looking at our waist line and questioning “why?!”. Fear not, breakfast is here to help! The University of Bath conducted a study into energy balance and the effect of a daily breakfast compared to morning fasting. Here is what they found:

– People who eat around 700 calories before 11am have better blood sugar levels than those who miss their toast and cereal.
– Those that ate breakfast were much more likely to expend more energy. Having eaten in the morning, people burned around 442 calories which amounts to around 30 minutes effort on a treadmill.

As we have discussed before in our blog on weight loss myths: skipping meals just doesn’t make sense. A healthy body needs food as, for that matter, does a healthy, sharp mind. And there is nothing clever about missing breakfast. Your low blood sugar body will be craving food; and do you know what it will be pointing you in the direction of come lunch time? Fatty, high sugar foods. Missing out on your morning muesli is completely counter-productive.

Giving your body energy in the morning to be active means you’ll actually burn more fat. So Granny was right: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you need some inspiration for a tasty, nutritious breakfast then check out BBC Good Food’s amazing selection of healthy breakfast options.

Start the day the right way. Your body will thank you for it: you’ll feel great and it’ll help you lose weight.

Now then, who’s for some porridge and blueberry compote?



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