Health: Don’t waste your time following these weight loss myths!
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20 Oct Health: Don’t waste your time following these weight loss myths!

There are thousands of tricks and tips surrounding the subject of personal health. Tales of fantastic ways to help you lose weight are a great example of this. And that’s where the problem lies; many of the recommendations are nothing more than tales. Myths. Or, if we’re being brutally honest: lies.

Health Dont waste

Here we debunk some of the most common myths about weight loss:

Starve yourself to success

The idea that by avoiding food all together you will lose weight is simply ridiculous. It is a great way to harm your body, no arguments there. But as a weight loss method? It’s simply not sustainable. Your body needs energy, therefore, it needs the nutrients found in food. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you need to find a balanced diet that works for you. Crash diets can have short term effects for your weight but cause long terms problems for your body. Avoid!

Replace butter with margarine

The rumour is that margarine contains less fat than butter. The truth is that it contains different levels of different types of fat. Margarine is typically lower in saturated fat than butter (yay!) but is likely to contain more hydrogenated fats (boo!). In fact, hydrogenated fats or “trans fats” as they are sometimes known may be more harmful to your health than saturated fats. So do not try replacing butter with margarine.

Carbs are to blame for weight gain

Carbohydrates do not cause weight gain! Not if they are eaten in the right quantities. By all means keep an eye on the amount of carbohydrates that are in your diet and when you do want carbs on your plate: go for wholegrain and wholemeal options such as brown rice or wholemeal bread. A healthy, balanced diet means including all the food types, including carbohydrates!

Reduced fat means healthy

It is amazing how many people think that eating “reduced fat” food will help them lose weight. Reduced fat simply means that it contains less fat than the full fat version! Whereas “low fat” labels need to meet certain legal requirements before they can be used on food, “reduced fat” can be misleading. Read the contents label to find the truth.

Skip meals

Do you know what happens when you skip a meal? Not surprisingly, your body gets hungry. Do you know what your body craves when you feel hungry? High-fat and high sugar foods. After all, it doesn’t know the next time it will be fed! So don’t skip meals. Satisfy your body with healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Everyone is happy that way.

We hope this has left you feeling a little wiser. Please share the truth with your friends and family!




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