Health: Are you making these costly mistakes when exercising?
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10 Dec Health: Are you making these costly mistakes when exercising?

Regular exercise promotes good health: it’s the reason why so many of us go to the gym, for a run or play sport. In truth, it doesn’t really matter how or where you exercise, as long as you do it properly, your body benefits. And that’s the problem. Too often, people who make the effort to exercise don’t reap the full rewards for their body’s health because they aren’t approaching things properly.

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Here are three common mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Lose the phone

Not literally, don’t put it down somewhere and do your best to forget where! Simply leave it at home or in a locker.

Why? Because nothing prevents you from burning calories like a quick check of Facebook or Instagram that turns into half an hour of idleness. We can all be guilty of it, so remove the temptation. If you need to use a fitness app then you can simply set the phone to airplane mode; your app will work fine but there will be no browsing capabilities. Focus – achieved!

2. Over training

You have to admire the determination of people who hit the gym hard, day after day. However, this is unlikely to be doing their body any good. Over training can cause sleep problems and lower your immune system, meaning you are more susceptible to picking up a cold. On top of that, over training leads to fatigue which will inevitably affect your performance and the effectiveness of your work out.

So instead try incorporating “crossover days” into your schedule: if you are runner, go for a swim if you are keen to exercise the next day. The change in exercise will promote muscle recovery meaning maximum performance and maximum benefit too.

3. Drink LOTS of water

Did you know that a mere 2% dehydration will lead to an under performance of 20%? Amazing isn’t it. We’ve chatted before about the wonders of water and nowhere is this illustrated better than during exercise.

You should aim to drink 3 litres of water throughout the day so that when you start exercising your body is well-hydrated and well-prepared. If that sounds like a lot, try drinking from a 500ml bottle rather than smaller cups – it makes it seem less!

Exercise is fantastic for the health and beauty of our bodies. We should all be doing it… just make sure you are doing it right!



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