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03 Dec Health and Beauty: Skin care tips for a cold winter

Newsflash: Winter is here! No Jon Snow, winter isn’t “coming”. Trust us, it’s definitely here and the biting cold is not good for our skin’s health.

Health and Beauty - Skin care tips for a cold winter

So, we want to pass on some useful tips and advice on ways to maintain beautiful, healthy skin during these harsh winter months:

1. Cover up

This is basic common sense, although, perhaps not for the girls and boys of Geordie Shore who will bravely (we mean stupidly) bare their skin in freezing temperatures. Covering your skin with clothing protects it. A scarf that you can lift over your nose as your walk against the blustering wind will prevent most of your face from drying out. It’s a must have, along with a good coat and gloves. Loose fitting clothes will not help!

2. Be wary of wool and hot showers

Wool is known for its warmth. An ideal material for the winter months, right? Well, not necessarily. Although wool is good at keeping you warm, be careful that it doesn’t directly touch and scratch your skin as this could damage your skin’s natural barrier for keeping moisture in. This same barrier can also be removed by steamy hot showers, though warm water is fine… thank goodness!

3. Exfoliate

No skin care advice is complete without a recommendation to exfoliate. Those with dry, flaky skin should exfoliate three times a week. Whereas those with oily or combination skin should be aiming to exfoliate twice a week. By removing the top layer of dry skin, you help new moisture-rich cells move to the skin’s surface. Uncertain on your skin type? Read how to test your skin type at home or visit our salon in Kensington and Chelsea.

4. Moisturize

Another classic skin care tip. You should always follow an exfoliating treatment by moisturizing. On top of that, you should have a moisturizer handy to apply a top up throughout the day: hands, lips, face.

5. Diet

Eskimos spend their lives in harsh wintery conditions, and yet, they have healthy beautiful looking skin. How? It’s all down to their diet which is full of fish. So copy them! Eat more fish, nuts and avocados which are all packed with healthy fatty acids.

There you have it. No excuses, look after your skin this winter London!



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