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Hair Services

At Vita Hair & Beauty, we have a suite of professional and fuss-free hair treatments that will give your hair the volume, definition and love it deserves. From a quick pick-me-up wash & cut or blow-dry, to colour highlights, an intensive recovery line treatment, or a Brazilian blow-dry, Vita Hair & Beauty has a range of unique hair treatments that will enhance and lift your hair, giving it that extra oomph.

So whether you require the whole sha-bang or just a touch up, Vita Hair & Beauty has the right fuss-free treatment for you. Our qualified hair stylists will wash, cut, shape and colour your hair to reach your desired look. Using industry-standard products, our stylists will look after your hair with precision and care.

For brighter, fuller and healthier hair, why not try one of Vita Hair & Beauty’s specialized treatments for a therapeutic and satisfying experience. Visit us at our Earl’s Court address, drop us an email or give us a call to make an appointment today.

Cutting & Styling

Cut & Blow Dry (Long) £65
Cut & Blow Dry (Short) £55
Wash & Cut £45
Blow Dry (Long) – from £35
Blow Dry (Short) £30
Fringe Cut £10
Hair Up From £45
Wash Cut & Blow Dry £35
Cut (up to 12 years old) £19
Cut (up to 16 years old) £25

Hair & Straightening Treatments

Brazilian Blow Dry – from £179
Straightening treatment with collagen. by Kevin Murphy £15
Five-step specialised treatments designed to strengthen and repair your hair.  
Masques by Kevin Murphy £10
A range of intensive mask treatments to condition and nourish your hair.  
Olaplex or Smarbond £30
Deeply restorative treatment for coloured or lightened hair.  
Moroccanoil £10

Colouring Services

Full Head Highlights (Long) £117
Half Head Highlights (Long) £95
Full Head Highlights (Short) £96
Half Head Highlights (Short) £77
T – Section £56
Toner £27
Re-Growth Tint £57
Semi-Permanent £52
Tint & Technical Work £82
Bleaching & Toner £77
Ammonia Free Colours – Extra +£5
Colour Correction – Prices available on consultation.  
Colour £45
Highlights £57
Colour Blend £20

So why not book an appointment today and
take the step towards being beautiful all year round?

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