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19 Jun For skin care: you must FIRST know your skin type

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Many men and women buy skin care products based on a brand they like or a recommendation from a friend. When it comes to most products, beauty or otherwise, a recommendation from someone you trust is often very helpful. Not when it comes to skin care!

For skin care: you must FIRST know your skin type

Remember: your skin may be a totally different type to your friend’s skin. What works for them may not work for you. It is vital that you understand your skin type before you select which products to use in your skin care routine, and how often you will use them.


The simple skin type test:

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Remove make-up. Do not over wash!

2. Pat your face dry. Wait an hour for your skin to return to its natural state. Act normally but try to avoid touching your face.

3. Take some pieces of tissue – rice paper and lens cleaning tissue are ideal – and dab the “T-Zone” of your face: forehead, nose and chin.


This test can reveal the 4 basic skin types:

Normal: skin shows no oil or flaking skin. It is smooth and supple.

Oily: grease can be seen on the tissue. You may notice large pores on your skin and some shine.

Dry: skin feels tight and may show flakes of dead skin. You have smaller pores.

Combination: this is the most common of all skin types. There are elements of all three of the above skin types on your face, typically an oily T-zone and normal or dry skin elsewhere on the face.


Remember that most people’s skin type changes during their lives. Typically our skin becomes drier as we get older. And it’s not all down to genetics. Lifestyle factors, such as stress and diet, can also influence what skin type we have. So, to ensure you are taking the best skin care approach you should test your skin type more than once.

Want to know the easiest, most accurate skin type test of all? Visit Vita Beauty in Kensington and Chelsea, London – we offer skin type tests to all our customers! It helps ensure that the products we use and the advice we give is perfect for you and your skin.



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