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02 Jul Choose your colours carefully

We are all judgemental. Anyone who says otherwise is both judgemental and a liar! Appearances matter to us and, whether we mean to or not, we consistently “judge books by their cover”. We just can’t help it. So, with this in mind, it’s important that you understand the power and influence of colours. After all, colours are capable of speaking more to us than words themselves. What message will you be communicating?

Choose your colours

The meaning of colours:

Red – the colour red has been shown to raise blood pressure and increase the speed of respiration and heart rate. If you want to grab attention, do it with red. It’s sexy, dangerous and can’t be missed!

Blue – the antidote to the racy red, blue is said to lower blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. For this reason it has a reputation for being a calming colour. Companies that want the public to view them with trust and confidence often opt for a blue logo. Blue won’t take you on a wild night out, but sometimes a safe, comfortable night-in is exactly what we want.

Yellow – an uplifting colour, but best in small doses. Yellow is synonymous with happiness most likely because of its association with sunshine. However, rather surprisingly, tests have shown that the colour yellow, in large amounts, can create feelings of anger and frustration in people. Be mellow with the yellow.

Green – by combining the restfulness of blue and the joy of yellow, we get the colour green. A positive colour that communicates both freedom and cleanliness. It is also claimed that the colour green promotes fertility, so if you were thinking of a colour for your bedroom?!

Purple – the colour of sophistication, purple shouts “luxury”. For this reason, purple has long been used by royalty as it symbolises power, importance and suggests high-value. A dramatic colour that has far more strength and grandeur than pink. Demand respect, show some purple.

Pink – a playful colour that has been adopted as the colour for girls for centuries! This has led it to having strong feminine connotations, which it is hard to imagine the colour pink ever losing. Pink displays confidence without being seen to be serious or intimidating. Girly pink, say no more.

Whether it is a new jacket or paint for the living room, colour counts… and don’t you forget it!




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