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14 Jul Best Markets in London

Best Markets in London 1

Whether you’re after something unique and handmade, a genuine vintage items or even just some amazing homemade grub; nothing beats the gems you’ll find at one of London’s markets. Having a reputation for Artisan food, retro clothing and designer furniture, visiting one of these top markets can be more than just a shopping trip; it turns into an actual fun day out. And at Vita Hair & Beauty, we love that.

Best Markets in London 2

Best Markets in London 3

Unfortunately you have to venture out a little further from our Earls Court location – but sometimes that just adds to the excitement! It just means that when you head out to East London, you really get to make a day of it. We’re talking of course about Broadway Market, Brick Lane Market and Columbia Road Flower Market. With Broadway and Brick Lane Markets open on Saturdays and Columbia Road on Sundays, there’s no escaping those crazy crowds – but it’s worth it.

Best Markets in London 4

One of the things that makes Columbia Road Flower Market so special isn’t just the flower stalls themselves, but the surrounding shops and neighbouring cafes – perhaps even more of an attraction than the market itself. With most only being open on Sundays (the day the market runs) you’ll easily be able to spend the entire day there. Pop into the family run Columbia Cafe for one of their classic filled bagels (they’re now in their third decade of serving they must be good!) or drop by 1235 donuts where you can grab a handmade donut literally right out of someone’s doorway – they’re that fresh. Oh, and some flowers of course.

Best Markets in London 5

Best Markets in London 6

Broadway market seems to have a little bit of a more relaxed (although equally as busy) vibe than Columbia Road. This is a market that truly is for everyone – animals included, you won’t walk a few steps without seeing a few pugs in little jackets. At Vita Hair & Beauty, some of our favourite stalls include London Marshmallow Company and Meringue Girls for decadent gifts and sweet treats, The Frenchie for a duck confit burger lunch, the vintage clothing stall with the £5 clothing rails, and of course all the different handmade knickknacks you can find along the street. This large market, which sprawls out to Netil market where you can browse vintage furniture, is truly one of the most varied in the area.

Best Markets in London 7

If you fancy venturing South, Borough market is a must see. Not as much a market for gifts (unless you’re buying someone wine and cheese – and who’s complaining?!) as it is a market for munching out in, it’s just as irresistible. The stalls offer everything from the best hog roast you’ll ever taste to guilt-free vegan ice cream, so it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. And of course, while you’re there you’d be silly not to pop into Rabot 1745 to try some of their roasted-on-site hot chocolate. Yeah, we can’t fit into our jeans after visiting either…

Best Markets in London 8

And then, there’s of course Camden Market. The West Yard food market has some incredible lunch time options such as Feed Me Primal which specialises in delicious gluten free and paleo food, as well as The Mac Factory which serves up gourmet mac n cheese. But the beauty has to be in the Stables – what Camden is truly known for. It might be difficult to find something totally unique here, and yeah you’ll definitely have to work your way through racks of tacky clothing, but the abundance of reasonably priced vintage shops and great atmosphere more than makes up for it. With underground tea rooms, deep fried oreos, magic stalls and shisha bars, you may not leave with much in your hands but you’ll come away with some amazing memories.