Best Independent Etsy Designers; get the Pinterest Home
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01 Jul Best Independent Etsy Designers; get the Pinterest Home of your Dreams

Best Independent Etsy Designers - get the Pinterest Home of your Dreams 1

At Vita Hair & Beauty we spend our fair share of time gazing at images of gorgeous homes that are plastered all over the internet. Perhaps most of all, Pinterest; the place we spend our late sleepless nights, browsing images of perfection. We’ve all got that ‘home decor inspiration’ board – most likely comprised of sleek, white minimal designs with metallic geometric pieces and plant terrariums which have been all the rage lately, or bright rooms full of bursts of colour and unique artistic designs, crammed full of beautiful textiles. Or maybe a mixture of both. And this is something that Etsy designers have picked up on too.

Best Independent Etsy Designers - get the Pinterest Home of your Dreams 2

These lovely homeware pieces are so often ripped off on the high street – creating cheap versions of original designs, cheapening the aesthetic until they’re just pretty plain. Just browse Urban Outfitters or John Lewis ‘home’ section to find the lampshade of your dreams….oh wait, it’s £200 and looks like everything else we’ve seen lately. We’ve gathered a collection of some of our favourite independent Etsy designers, who provide stunning pieces but all with a unique quality. These are pieces you definitely won’t find on the highstreet.

Best Independent Etsy Designers - get the Pinterest Home of your Dreams 3 

Geometric decor – In The Making Made

Everything from hexagon placemats to monochromatic geometric clocks, from £22.


Embroidery with a twist – Yes Stitch Yes

A unique take on traditional embroidery, perfect if you want some sass around the home. From £7.


Plant Hangers and terrariums – The Sky Gardens and Lennie Beare

If you wish you lived in Kew Gardens or a rainforest, but just don’t have the space… From £16.


Minimalist Prints – Thebridge & Taylor

Gallery style prints with feeling. Minimal, but they still say a lot. From £12.


Fabric WallhangingsJulie Bonifay

Stunning & handmade, these block colour artistic wallhangings will make you feel like you’ve got your own contemporary gallery in your bedroom. From £18.


Pastel Candles – Ember Candle Co

2016 is still all about the pastels. Add a slightly creepy skull design, and you’ve got the perfect bedside table candle. Trust us. From £7.50.


Quirky ceramics – Jo Lucksted

These handpainted pieces are guaranteed to add a splash of colour and character to any home. From £2.50.


Bunting – Le Petite Fest

The perfect party piece – and it can stay all year round. Delicate bunting to brighten up your home, and your day. From £8.


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