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24 Sep A lovely cuppa: Why putting the kettle on is good for your HEALTH

Thousands of homes in London and across the United Kingdom, start the morning with a wakening cup of tea. We love tea. It eases you into the day, gently shakes you awake and, we’re pleased to reveal: is actually healthy! Can you believe it? As if tea wasn’t great enough already.

A lovely cuppa

Here are three health boosting reasons to love tea even more:

1. Prevent Heart disease

Research trials have shown that both green tea and black tea can significantly reduce blood pressure. Your heart is not the only one who looks forward to a tea break. Are you conscious of your cholesterol level? Because both black and green tea have been found to tackle cholesterol levels. Ar, thanks tea!

2. Anti-oxidant

Teas contain catechins which are great anti-oxidants and good for your health and beauty. The legend of all teas – green tea – is particularly high in levels of this anti-oxidant. As well as being the most comforting thing in the world – on the sofa, in pyjamas, bliss – a tea actually freshens things up on the inside of your body.

3. Weight loss

This won’t work if you enjoy a couple of biscuits with a tea – although, we certainly do – but green tea has actually been shown to help with weight loss. Scientists in two Dutch trials found that tea’s caffeine-plus-catechin content was able to assist breaking down body fat.

4. Brain booster

Tea is able to boost brain activity because it contains: caffeine, catechins and the amino acid, L-theanine. Research into the effects of drinking tea have shown improvements in people’s visual and auditory attention and accuracy.
Just remember to brew it for longer.

All of tea’s good effects take time to infuse with the water. Allow a tea to brew and get all those health benefits. So, shall we put the kettle on?



IFL Science.

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