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12 Oct Top High Street Sportswear of 2016

Just because we like to workout, doesn’t mean we don’t like to look good while we do it. Comfort is key when it comes to exercising, and we’ve found some of the best high street sportswear gems that combine the all-important comfort with on-trend styles to keep us feeling and looking fresh.

Top Sportswear - 1

Boohoo has slowly been climbing the ranks in the world of online womenswear over the last year or so, making a name for themselves as one of the more affordable and stylish brands on the market. They’ve caught our eye yet again with their Boohoo ‘Fit’ range – a collection of coordinated, fashionable, and most importantly effective gym gear. The looks are barely distinguishable from Beyonce’s Topshop ‘Ivy Park’ collaboration, with the iconic graphic sweatbands and plenty of mesh as well as simplistic but eye-catching geometric prints. You can grab a matching set of sports leggings and a crop top from just £16, so it’s definitely worth testing out on the treadmill. Find the new collection here.

Top Sportswear - 2

Ted Baker always has us drooling over their jaw-droppingly beautiful prints – so can you imagine how giddy we were when we realised they sold exercise gear too!? Now we basically never have to take those stunning designs off. Aptly name ‘Fit to a T’, the activewear range combines the brand’s signature floral designs with dark blues and blacks to create classy, timeless pieces. One of the reasons we love this capsule collection so much is that the coordination is on point – you’ll find matching tote bags, armbands and sports pouches that will match your new leggings perfectly. Although one of the pricier options in activewear, the quality of Ted Baker ensures that the fabrics will be breathable and comfortable ensuring an all-round feel good workout. Pick up the pieces here.

Top Sportswear - 3

Because Lululemon is a brand that sells nothing but activewear; we of course have high expectations – and they always deliver. One of the best things about Lululemon is that they categorise their clothing by exercise type – cardio, yoga, swimming or running, as well as a handy ‘to and from’ section with ideas on what to wear to keep warm and cosy on your way home from the gym. Not only does this make it much easier to choose the right pieces for you, but it also means that you’ll be wearing the right type of materials for what you’ll be doing meaning maximum comfort. It’s also one of the few high street brand that has such a focus on swimwear, priding themselves on fabrics that will stand up to strain, sweat, chlorine and saltwater. The colours and prints are simplistic and come in a range of colours, making it super easy to coordinate your look. Although the designs are more understated than some of the above brands, the quality and classy design is second to none. Pop over to Lululemon here.

 Top Sportswear - 4

A reasonably priced collection (especially considering it’s an Italian brand), Ellesee boasts a range of striking prints as well as simple logo tshirts and leggings; so there really is something for everyone, no matter your style. Represented by sports stars worldwide, it’s a professional, yet fun, brand renowned for being top quality and withstanding the wear and tear of working out incredibly well. Founded in 1959 by Italian designer Leonardio Servadio, Ellesee was created as a way to break the boundaries between fashion and sport. His motto was that sport is about style, flair, and great times with friends – and this is something that the company still stands by today. Pick up some gear here.

What’s your favourite sportswear brand for getting fit? We know that we feel even more motivated to push further when we feel great too – style is both inside and out!


Boohoo, Ted Baker, Ellesse, Cosmopolitan.


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