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31 Aug Subscription boxes; the best of the best

Subscription boxes have been around for a while now, but the trend is certainly picking up speed. What started with snacks (Graze) and beauty (Birchbox) has morphed into a whole range of goodies which can be delivered right to your door. Wine, chocolate, film memorabilia; you name it. And of course, all that choice means there has to be one right for you. Read on to discover Vita’s favourites and how you can bag yours today!

Subscription Boxes 1

Beauty – Glossybox

First things first. At Vita Hair & Beauty you know we’re obviously going to be all about the beauty boxes! Glossybox is by far the most popular of subscription boxes, so it can be difficult to decide which to opt for. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to. An important aspect of beauty boxes is picking a company that will actually tailor the box to your specific needs; whether you have dry or greasy hair, oily or combo skin, prefer make-up or hair products. Glossybox does all this and more, making it the go to box for anyone who wants to explore new and unique products – in particular, cult beauty lovers. Expect treats from NARS, Rituals, Collection, as well as a host of small brands that completely deserve to be recognised. Previous boxes have included plumping lip glosses, hair detanglers, vintage earrings, complete make up palettes. Make-up brushes, self-tan and more. Not too shabby for just £10 per month plus p&p!

Subscription Boxes 1

Healthy Snacking – Earlybird

A fierce contender to Graze boxes, Earlybird has somehow managed to make healthy snacking seem ‘cool’ again – and definitely guilt-free. Although treats from Graze are delicious, they can quite often be packed full of sugar and calories (see their ‘Graze brownie’ for example) which we load into our bodies under the guise of it being good for us. However, Earlybird gives it to us like it is – pure health, little refined sugar, imaginative flavours, and all delivered to our doorstep. The best part is, the boxes come with complimentary teabags and they’re all about making you feel good in your day to day life. At Vita Hair & Beauty, some of our favourite snacks are ‘Mangoco’ (tangy mango bites with pumpkin seeds and sweet, creamy cashews packed with protein) and ‘Cacao Chia Pud’ (nutritious cacao chia and oat pudding with no refined sugar, sweetened only with coconut sugar and vanilla with the delightful crunch of chia seeds). It’s £4.99 per box with four to five snacks, and two tasty teas. Yum.

Subscription Boxes 3

Wellbeing – Buddybox

If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know that wellbeing is a big deal to us. We love being able to escape the madness of Earls Court (physically or mentally) and keep things cool, calm and relaxed. That’s what Buddybox by ‘Blurt It Out’ is all about. Describing the package as a hug in a box, the aim is to help ease your stress and make day to day life easier to handle. Although the organisation themselves focuses on helping people with problems such as depression, the box was made for absolutely anyone who could do with a little pick me up or some serious self care – which, let’s be honest, we all need from time to time. At £21.50 for a ‘hug in a box’, we certainly won’t complain. Previous boxes include cute goodies such as herbal teas, fruity face masks, light snacks, post-it notes with affirming messages, dream journals, bath bombs, and light craft kits to take your mind off of any stress.

Subscription Boxes 4

Drinks – Vinoa

If we can get snacks delivered to our door, it’s definitely okay to get wine sent our way too. The tough thing about wanting to try new wines is that if you don’t like the taste, you’re generally stuck with a whole bottle of the stuff. Enter, Vinoa. The sommeliers at Vinoa handpick artisan wine from all around the globe, and send you six carefully curated small bottles each month (each about a medium glassful in size). These are wines that are often found at high end restaurants, giving you instant access to the good stuff! Perfect for those who want to broaden their taste or take up a ‘new hobby’, each box is £29.70 and comes with a selection of wine tasting cards, and your choice of either all reds, all whites, or a mix. Once you get tasting and discover what you like, you can buy a whole bottle – or just carry on getting grown up drinks sent right to your home. We won’t judge.

Subscription Boxes 5

Homeware – Designer Box

Designer Box is perfect as a gift, or if you’re a true lover of Artisan design and homeware, then look no further. Subscribers to this treat will receive a numbered wooden box each month, with a totally unique homeware item which can’t be found anywhere else. The object is designed by international designers, both big and small, and makes a truly memorable addition to your home. The best part is that the boxes are limited and come with a certificate of authenticity, so for £35 you’re really purchasing a work of art. The box was created by Iconic Product Collection who have an incredible passion for creative design, so you know you’ll be getting something good. Previous boxes include an illustrated clock by Matali Crasset, and a sleek lamp by Arik Levy. Better grab one before they go!


Has anyone ever tried one of the above boxes before, or have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear from you – we’re always looking to try new things at Vita! Get in touch via our Facebook page or our website.



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